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Active Release Technique® (ART)

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®


Passive Modalities


At Park Ridge Spine and Sports Medicine we understand that when our patients come in they have injuries that can be quite painful.  If you look at the injury cycle, typically the inflammatory period lasts 1-3 days, the reparative stage goes another week, and the regeneration phase can last an addition 6-8 weeks.  We use passive modalities when needed to enhance this healing process, especially during periods of inflammation and regeneration alongside our other treatments to enhance our patient progress.  Some of these treatments include: 

Game Ready®: The leader in active compression and cold therapy.  Game Ready combines active pneumatic compression with rapidly circulating cold therapy to significantly decrease inflammation and swelling after an injury or surgery.  Click Here for a complete list of every professional sports team that utilizes Game Ready technology in their locker room.

KinesioTape®: a specifically designed tape that stretches and contracts with movements of the body used for joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament support and to decrease inflammation.

Interferentinal Current/Electrical Stimulation: a therapeutic modality used to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, muscle stimulation, promote soft tissue healing, and stimulate the body’s natural pain relievers.

Ultra Sound: a therapeutic modality used for a deep heating sensation not felt by the patient to enhance blood flow, tissue relaxation, and scar tissue breakdown. 

Massage Therapy: Licensed Massage Therapist in office specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage. 

Intersegmental Traction: a special table tailored to a patient’s specific condition and spine that utilizes rollers under the table to elongate and stretch the muscles and joints in your back. 

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